Repeating Group Loading Images from Db is very slow


I have a simple repeating group with a doSearch of a table in my bubble database. All search parameters are simple.

However, the repeating group takes 6-8 seconds to load.

Any advise on how I can make it faster?

hello @abe1366!

image size may be the problem, have you tried reducing it with imgx?

Also, if the image loading time is causing a delay in the whole list loading time, you can set images to appear after screen is entirely loaded.

Another way is to make a small number of items appear when RG is loaded and then load more on scroll for example.

hope this helps!

Thank you for these tips. I will give these a try.
My page is loading fine. But then the user would have to wait like some time for the repeating group to show up.

I am having the same issue since a few days ago

My application uses large image elements in the background of pages. The app has super slow load times for these images (over 2 second delay). This is happening both for static and dynamic images.

Example static image: Symbio | Sign up
Example dynamic image: Bluebird and AWS - Sales Hub

Any best practice on increasing image load speed? I’ve seen a ton of suggestions ranging from compressing files to retrieving from S3 directly… what really helps here?

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I played around with different options. Clicking ‘Limit Image Size’ on the image control helped a little.

Thanks! I did try that, but as these images are so large in the application the reduced quality is results in terrible image resolution.

I agree. I think the best rout is to store the images in an external db like aws and then retrieve them as needed.