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How to limit initial load of RG to 5-10 to improve data query

Hi Bubblers,

I have a complex RG used as a feed of 3 data types combined into one. The RG has 3 groups that could display based on the type of data. The RG is using the extended vertical scroll
and is pretty “jumpy” when scrolling as it is trying to keep it with the images and data being queried.

What might be a good way to limit the amount of records being pulled at a time in hopes of a smoother scroll when the data is populating?

I am attempting to restrict the initial load of the RG with “Do a search for, :items until #5”. What might be a good way to pull the next 5 and so on? I dont to display a pagination of going to the next page, but rather a scroll feed on mobile.


One of my searches is slow due to an advanced filter, and I use a scrolling RG with the rows set to 1. With those settings it pulls enough records to fill the page plus a few more in anticipation of scrolling. If the user scrolls at a reading pace, it keeps up, but if they scroll fast it will lag.

The ultimate fix is to speed the search/display, which I’m working on. Otherwise we’re just trying to work around it by either spreading out the load, or having Bubble load bunch upfront (and using a loading spinner).

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