Repeating group - Show filtered set of things based on text from a field

Im building a reviews app and have a field for the review app that is given a set of text to identify the type of review (i.e. one review may be a tenant review and the other a landlord review). How do I filter on a repeating group all of the current pages reviews where the type of review field shows “Landlord”?

Hi aloecf,

there are a few ways to do this.

A) If type landlord or tenant is a field with text then you can do something like “Do a search for reviews” where type=Landlord so it searches just for those reviews where the text Landlord is in the type. Instead of do a search for you can also use “current pages reviews: filtered” where type=Landlord

B) If landlord is its own data type you can also have where= current pages reviews landlord is not empty

Below are examples. I have different datatypes in my app so ignore the names and just look out for what i have in my data source for the repeating group in general.
2020-04-21 17_27_42-Window 2020-04-21 17_26_49-Window

hope this helps, feel free to pm me if you want further help

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HA Ugh…Im so dumb, I kept adding the string text AFTER where it says Click and it wasn’t working for me. THANK YOU!

this took me a while to find out too. It can even be different from element to element sometimes. Don`t worry, just keep trying to click new things : )

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