Repeating group show only where Job_date = Current date

I’m building a site where people can create a “permit” that is only valid for one day.
I want to have a page with a repeating group showing all the active permits for the current date, i can however not get it to function.

When the user creates the permit, they select the day in the date/time picker, that creates a new thing called job_date.
I’ve tried making a repeating group that does a search for permits, with the constraint that Job_date = Current date/time however it doesn’t show anything.
If i remove the constraint, it shows everything perfectly fine.

What am i doing wrong?

A date is actually a date and time, so the entire thing has to match, or you have to search for a range. There are date modifiers that allow you to manipulate the current datetime, such as change minutes, hours, seconds, etc.

If time never matters, you can change all time values to zero when you add a new permit, and similarly do that in your criteria in the repeating group search.