RepeatingGroup not Refreshing when data is updated, very strange

I’m updating data in nested repeating groups, which appears in a variable number of rows which have the same number of columns, but the number of columns comes from the database so it’s not hard-coded / I don’t know how many it’s going to be beforehand.

As the user is inputting data, their new data is saved in a temp-answer state in each cell. When the user is done inputing, they click Save and I trigger a workflow which updated the version number of the row and then triggers Musicians to run in each cell which either A) creates a new Answer if they have entered a different value than before or B) if the value is unchanged, it just updates a value that connects it to the new revision so it will be displayed.

My issue is that while the update is all happening correctly in the database - I can see that all the Answers are created/updated as they should be - they are not showing up on the page right after saving. What’s making it harder to troubleshoot is that I’m not able to pick out any patter to the ones that aren’t showing up.
Right after save:

When I refresh the page, everything shows up as it should:

I was thinking it might have something to do with the fact that the Musicians (from Orchestra plugin) run separately from the workflow and may be delayed, but I’m not sure how that could be it since the data is in fact all updated in the DB. Shouldn’t the RG be updated automatically?

Any ideas?? Thanks!

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