Reuseable element not behaving as expected

Hi all

I am struggling with a reuseable element.

I converted a floating group into a reuseable element and the reuseable element does not behave in the same way the floating group did.

From a button in a repeating group i open the floating group and display current cells data in the floating group.

From a button on the floating group, I hide the floating group and reset the data on the floating group.

This works fine, the floating group appears, it displays the expected data correctly and on trigger of close workflow the floating group disappears. When i repeat the process the floating group reappears displaying the correct data again.

I converted the floating group into a reuseable element. Now, when the workflow is triggered to show the floating group the first time everything is fine. But anytime the floating group is shown subsequently the data does not update. the floating group always displays the data from the first time the workflow was triggered.

The difference is now, rather than sending data directly to the floating group as i had previously, data is sent to the reuseable element and the floating group data source is parent groups data.

When i run the process in the debugger everything works as expected. When I run the process in real-time the floating group data does not update and this issue occurs every time.

I have tried setting a state rather than displaying data but i get the same result.

I have tried triggering custom events within the show floating group workflow to reset data before showing the floating group.

I have tried adding a condition on the show floating group action to only show it if there is no data but the floating group still appears as if there is no data but displays the data from the first time the workflow was triggered.

I have spent 7 days going back and forth with support who have said it is a bad design. It seems straight forward to me… show element and display data, close element and reset data.

I’m about a day away from a padded room… and close to building the same feature in 7 pages and using a backend workflow rather than using the reuseable element.

Any assistance appreciated… thanks!

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