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Can't replicate password reset error message

I client got back to us saying he ‘couldnt enter the system’. We create an account for users and have a password reset email to out to them with further instructions. This works fine.

The client sent this screenshot:

What triggers this message: “This is not a valid password reset request. Please have another reset email sent to you.” ?

Maybe its an issue on our side that we can solve. For sure I can add a reset link to that password reset page…

Searching the error messages, I guess this is the one that belongs to this issue:

WRONG_PASSWORD_RESET: “When the password link is corrupted”

Is there a time frame in between the link is valid perhaps?

One of our users still has an issue with this error message and I cannot solve this. Any ideas? :frowning:

The only thing I can think of is that he uses the reset password link to try and login. For me that generates this error. However, when you reset your password you get automatically logged in and I can see that this user has never logged in before.

Are there any server logs that could tell more?

One of my app testers has also gotten this. I’m not sure how to replicate it.

How have you solved this?

Unfortunately, I haven’t received any feedback on this issue :frowning:

Hi Vincent. I have found the issue that caused this for me.

On the submit button for the reset password, i had forgotten to add a “navigate” step to the workflow.
So the button triggered an update of the password but then didnt leave the page - derrgh!
So then the user presses it again and the link has expired as it has been used.

Maybe you’ve made the same oversight?


Hi Marek, thanks for the input. After clicking the button to reset, i send the user to my ‘loading’ page that handles all the redirects for all my users. In this case the user will be not logged in and thus sent back to the login page.

I see your point, but I can’t replicate this for myself. When I click the forgot password button and hit ‘send’ after entering my email address, I get sent back to the login page per my rules but when I then click ‘forgot password’ again and go through the steps, I just get another email with a password reset.

If I do that twice in a row I can still reset my password with the first link that I got.