Reset Password: Old Password Incorrect

I’ve issued a temporary password and sent the link for the password reset but I am unsure what to put in “old Password” to not get “Sorry, the old password is not right”.

I’ve attempted “Input old password’s value”, “input temporary password’s value”, and a combination of things from the drop downs but not exactly sure what to do.

If I put “is reset token password valid Yes” it just stays red.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @shondranicole :slight_smile: Are you trying to setup the workflow when the Current User has forgotten their password? If so, you don’t need to assign them a temporary password and you can just use the “Send a password reset email” action. Once the Current User clicks that link in the email, they can type their new password and confirm their new password on the reset_pw page.

If you are assigning a temporary password that a User can use until they change their password, then you would not use the “Send a password reset email” action; the workflow would be:

  1. Assign the temporary password
  2. Send the User an email saying (for example):
    This is your temporary password: [temporary password goes here]
    Please go to this link to change your password: [link to the change password page (not the reset_pw page)]

Once the User is on the “change-password” page, “Old Password” would be the temporary password that the Current User has entered (as you’ve had it!), in the “Update a User’s credentials action”. It sounds like the reset_pw action may have been interfering with the app accepting the temporary password as the “Old Password”.

I think that should work! But let me know if not! :slight_smile:

I appreciate that. I attempted that before the temporary password approach but still got the same feedback. So the reset password email link automatically updates the user credentials?

I guess I should add that before I realized the reset_pw page served a specific purpose, I deleted everything on that page and changed it. So essentially I’m having to create a new workflow for that page again. I would love it it, all I had to do was send the email!

My understanding is in this case I have to “reprogram” the update users credential in the workflow. But my knowledge is limited and I’ve been known to over complicate situations before.

@shondranicole Got it! :slight_smile: No worries at all! It is confusing!

The Send password reset email action creates a link and generates a token (the long number in the email link) which navigates the Current User to the reset_pw page, and allows them to just type a new password and confirm the new password. No worries at all if you’ve deleted the workflows. The “Reset Password” action is the action to use in order to save the new password on the reset_pw page:


Instead of the “Update the User’s Credentials” action :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! That was easier than I thought. It would have helped if I would have actually seen that option in all the hours of trying to sort it out :sob: :crazy_face:

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No problem at all! :blush: I do the same thing all the time! :joy:

thanks for the information.

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Do you need to somehow enable the Reset Password option as I don’t see it listed in the menus I have?

yea same

I don’t have the “reset password” action. how to enable it?