Responsive Sizing?

Hi everyone,

I’m having problems with responsive sizing for my app at and I feel like a newb asking this… how do I get it to re-size appropriately for the device? I’ve tried it for many devices and it works perfectly for the iPhone 6S that I test with, but I get all sorts of results with different devices. Tried sizing it for different devices with a GoNative preview and ran into similar issues.

To be clear, I’m okay with a slightly zoomed-out perspective, but the issue I keep running into is that the app looks zoomed-in, and the user has to keep scrolling around when it should be static.

Is your app designed using the responsive features?

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Hi I’m not sure. I designed using the lessons in Code-Free Startup and I don’t think it strictly discussed responsive for Bubble. The page width is set at 380px.

Ok, if you have a set page width, then you may not be using the responsive features. Maybe check this video out:

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I used this successfully, thanks! :slight_smile: