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Restaurant not able to access their setting or use any options after logging into their portal

Restaurant is not able to use any sidebar tabs. I have tried to create different restaurants but all have the same issue. At the backend, everything seems to be working. Admin is able to access everything for the restaurant but after logging in as a restaurant, I am not able to use any side tabs. Please refer to the gif. Any help would be appreciated.

Check what actually happening in debugger.
I believe you have some user type conditions, maybe you are giving access to that sidebar menu only to some user types which doesn’t include restaurant or maybe restaurant user type is misspelled there.


Check privacy settings as well

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Like has been said - check what’s happening in the debugger and if you can any issues then contact @ZeroqodeSupport as that’s their template and they should be able to assist.

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Hello, @tiffinguider
Thanks for using our template and for reporting your issue.

We have tested the ability to use all options from the side menu and everything is working properly.
Thus, please provide us the screenshots\screencast of your debugger and browser console. It will help us to investigate the issue :pray:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

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