Return Google Search Results API

I’m creating a marketplace app for businesses and their customers. I provided some input fields which include address, business owner, business name. I want to be able to verify the user’s business address is a legitimate business by queuing up a Google Search of their business name input’s value and address and if a business exists with this name and address I want to then allow the user to continue with sign up.

I tried triggering a zap which does a Google search but it looks like this functionality is currently unavailable in Bubble. Am I correct?

If so, I would highly suggest the Bubble team look into adding this feature. Not just for my own sake but I can imagine this sort of tool would be very value to other developers as well.

II’m currently looking into the Google Places API. It can probably get the job done with some API calls. I’m a little confused on the whole process but I’ll keep trying to solve the problem.