RG data source: How to not include records "completed is yes" before current date?

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Data type “Other task” has the field ‘Completed’, which is yes/no and ‘Date completed’. There are three scenarios with the data, I only want #'s 1 & 2. How do I filter out #3? in RG?:

  1. Not completed
  2. Completed today
  3. Completed previous to today
  • How can a RG constrain to not include “completed before current date”?

  • Or said another way: only show things “completed on current date AND not completed”?

Thank you for the help,

If you want to only return results that conform to both search constraints - i.e.

“completed on current date AND not completed”

then you can just use 2 constraints on the same search - e.g:

date completed ≥ current date/time: rounded down to day
Completed = No

Obviously, in this specific case, that won’t return any results (an entry can’t be both completed today AND not completed), so for your situation you need to do 2 searches, to effectively end up with an ‘OR’ expression (completed on current date OR not completed).

So used ‘merged with:’ to combine the 2 searches. e.g.

`Search for Tasks - date completed ≥ current date/time: rounded down to day: merged with Search for Tasks - Completed = No `

That will display both tasks that have yet to be completed, as well as tasks that were completed today in your repeating group.

Thank you for the help, Adam. Greatly appreciate it!

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