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RG Not displaying data - it'll be user error but I can't see why

Hi All

I know the answer to this is going to be really embarrassingly simple but…I’m trying to recreate a RG that contains an ionic checkbox so I can log a bug report, as requested, where my ICBs aren’t displaying correctly. I didn’t want to play around on my full app so thought I’d create something on my “test pad” and now I’ve come across a really basic “Repeating Group 101” issue that I can’t fix. It’s pretty embarrassing because I’m sure it’s so simple but it’s Monday morning… :smirk:
I’d really appreciate someone who knows telling what I’ve missed.

Here’s my scratch pad…feel free to have a play with it…

the page is called “People” based on TblPeople.
I have a RG in which I want to display all People from the TblPeople but my brain clearly won’t turn on today.
Then I want to select people from that RG and display selected ones in the RG next to it.

I’m certain this is entirely down to my brain having a moment…for the last 2 hours though I’ve gone back to basics, watched 2 videos, read the forum and consulted the manual and I’ve still failed to achieve displaying data in the RG - which is nuts because I’ve created so many RGs on my other app some of which do exactly this…

Many thanks in advance

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… the privacy rule on the TblPeople data type is getting in the way. If you delete that rule, the data will appear in the repeating group.


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Thank you SO much!!! I’d forgotten playing around with Privacy rules on there in the past. Completely sorted now and my morning is saved. Thank you!

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