RG Not displaying data - it'll be user error but I can't see why

Hi All

I know the answer to this is going to be really embarrassingly simple but…I’m trying to recreate a RG that contains an ionic checkbox so I can log a bug report, as requested, where my ICBs aren’t displaying correctly. I didn’t want to play around on my full app so thought I’d create something on my “test pad” and now I’ve come across a really basic “Repeating Group 101” issue that I can’t fix. It’s pretty embarrassing because I’m sure it’s so simple but it’s Monday morning… :smirk:
I’d really appreciate someone who knows telling what I’ve missed.

Here’s my scratch pad…feel free to have a play with it…

the page is called “People” based on TblPeople.
I have a RG in which I want to display all People from the TblPeople but my brain clearly won’t turn on today.
Then I want to select people from that RG and display selected ones in the RG next to it.

I’m certain this is entirely down to my brain having a moment…for the last 2 hours though I’ve gone back to basics, watched 2 videos, read the forum and consulted the manual and I’ve still failed to achieve displaying data in the RG - which is nuts because I’ve created so many RGs on my other app some of which do exactly this…

Many thanks in advance

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… the privacy rule on the TblPeople data type is getting in the way. If you delete that rule, the data will appear in the repeating group.



Thank you SO much!!! I’d forgotten playing around with Privacy rules on there in the past. Completely sorted now and my morning is saved. Thank you!

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