RG Data Issue. Not showing on frontend

Hi Folks

I am trying to call user data via an RG. On a list page I have a RG showing products and a RG showing Users

The products are showing up no problem, but the user data (using the same concept) does not and I just cannot see what I am doing wrong

The list data structure is:
On the user database (although not sure if it is needed) I have:

On the page I have the RG to show the users following this list set to:

exactly the same as I did for the products (which works perfectly).

I have checked the app data and confirm that the entries are correct, but the frontend just does not show any values.

What am I missing?

Hi there, @sebastianvangreunen… the issue could be related to privacy rules, specifically this rule. So, check out the link and see if it helps.


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Issue resolved… privacy rules, indeed.