RGs & "Do a Search for" not updating without refresh today 3

This behavior is once again back with a vengeance for our app. Been really bad the past couple of days in fact.

Our capacity hasn’t broken 10 percent but our users have to reload the page every time they want the most recent data. We have a text messaging app, so this is is pretty much crippling.

Anyone else seeing this?

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I’ve seen this on the dev version a few times, not sure if it happens on the live one.

Hi @aj11

I confirm that I’m facing the same issue since 07/28. It drives me crazy as it breaks everything. I contacted the support and I tried all possible solutions without using “Refresh page” or “Add a pause” (30s pause is still causing issue).

Maybe some other Bubble experts can confirm the issue? @petter @exception-rambler @keith @Jici @J805 @NigelG @nick.carroll @boston85719 @andrewgassen

Nb to Petter: “thanks” to the issue, I discovered your ebook! Great material. I even tried to apply some of your recommendations to solve the RG issue but without success :sob:

I’m not experiencing it, but I also very rarely use a do a search for a rg datasource, but the other ways I populate the data use the same do a search and they all seem to be working fine.

I wonder if it could be a server based issue. Maybe only apps on certain servers are having this problem.

Also, this seems to mostly happen in Safari.

Same issue here,
And I got a text messaging feature as well…
Have to refresh whenever a user access this function from awakening.

Hrm. I’m not experiencing any of these issues for my app on Safari. Have you filed a bug report?

Happening all day today. Absolutely debilitating.

We’ve having the same issue for our app. We are experiencing it with Chrome

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Anyone find a solution to this yet? it just randomly started for me so it has to be something on Bubbles end.

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I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’ve narrowed this down to an issue with mobile safari. This bug only occurs when accessing our app through mobile safari or through a iOS webview (through our BDK app).

I plan to open a new bug report now that I have this new information and a clear way to replicate.

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This issue is literally the example text for the new bug report portal. Lmao.

Please can we just have an action for “force refresh repeating group”? @josh

This would solve so many problems for everyone.


I’ve found what seems to be a short term workaround for this behavior.

Set a state on page for a date. “Cache Buster Date”. Make default date way in the future, like 2099.

In the search, add a parameter for created date < cache buster date.

Change the date saved to Cache Buster Date each time you want to force the search to occur again. Make sure new date is in the future. I use current date + 1 year for this.

Been testing this all morning and seems to be working. If I turn this off then the old stuck behavior returns.

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Thanks @aj11 !
This solution is definitely much better than the force-refresh one.
I will give it a try now.

Interesting workaround @aj11. Do you use it manually (like a user clicking on a button)?

Would you have any advice regarding my workflow where data are fetched from an API, then saved in Bubble DB and displayed just after in a RG?

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