Rich text input with custom state - Bug?


I use the rich text input plugin and it seems there’s a bug when you associate it with a custom state.
I display data in a standard input (in a repeating group) and I let the user sees this input in a rich text editor. This rich text input is displayed in a pop so I use a custom state to forward the data to display in the rich text editor.

When I use the inspector tool, the data sent is correct BUT the data displayed is always the data of the first
input clicked… (example, I have 3 input text displaying data. I click on the 2nd one, and then on the 1st one, the rich text displays the second one while the inspector displays the correct data, the 1st one).

Have you already seen this bug? Have you been able to fix it ?

Thank you

Solution (maybe not the only one)
A custom state alone does not work… I also inserted the rich text input inside a group and use a workflow to display the data in this group + use the custom state
Like that, the text is well displayed.

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