RizzKey. A simple risk management tool

Early Welcome to RizzKey. A simple risk management tool.
I was tired of running into Excel tools that does something simple and other things is not solved well in excel.
I tried to copy the simple thing in excel (assessing risks with a score) and building on what is not solved in excel (actually writing plans on what to do when a risk event occurs).

It should work in English and Danish for now.
I need to update the design a bit especially regarding responsive but the core feature is there.

This first version is meant for show /Proof-of-concept. If users want to use it I can create an account where only they can see their risks and plans.
For now it is for a single user but more users from the same company is in the planning -propably for an upgrade fee.

This is my simple risk tool.
You can use this account to login:
email: etest@test.com
code: 1234

This looks good.

Do you have a background in risk assessment tools and development or did you build this based on only knowledge of Bubble/nocode tools?

I have some experience in risk assessment for small companies and tried different approaches for helping them to keep it simple, making excel or using other things. But it often gets to complicated very fast so it will not really be used at all.

ok how long did you spend building this? how any weeks?

Hi @Helmar

Really nice app.

I’m fairly new to bubble. Can I ask how you implemented the “filter” option on the repeating group at the top of the table?

Many thanks in advance!Screenshot 2020-04-08 at 10.39.51

A small week I think. But if I worked concentrated it could propably be made in 2-3 days.
I also spend some time trying different things before settling.

That was a bit tricky for me to find the solution for but got help from the forum.
The secret sauce is “unique elements”


Great thanks - appreciate you sharing! :slight_smile:

And how does this then feed through to updating the repeating group itself?

In the repeating group I have a conditional that looks at the value of the Filter.

Thanks for sharing - that’s super helpful!