Don't Fall for This Job Marketplace Scam!

I’m writing to share my experience with, a job marketplace that I had subscribed to recently. I regret to inform you that my experience with this platform has been nothing short of a scam.

I subscribed to with the hope of finding potential customers for my business. However, despite reaching out to several leads, I did not receive a single response. This was disappointing, to say the least, and I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I started sending emails to each lead and even put a tracker on the emails. To my surprise, not a single email was opened, even after trying this for at least two months. This is a clear indication that my emails were never reaching their intended recipients.

My experience with has left me feeling frustrated and cheated. It’s clear to me that this platform is not delivering on its promises, and I urge others to be cautious before subscribing to their services.

I’m writing this post to warn others of the potential scam that is I’d also like to ask if anyone else has had a positive experience with this platform. If so, I’d love to hear about it and understand why my experience has been so different.

In conclusion, I strongly advise against using for any job marketplace needs. Based on my experience, it’s clear that they are not delivering on their promises, and it’s not worth risking your time and money on their services.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I hope that my experience can help others make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a job marketplace platform.


Sorry to hear about your experience, @dhm4me. I’m sure things haven’t gotten any better since I shared these thoughts in your other thread, and in fact, I’m guessing they have only gotten worse. It’s the Wild West out there for sure… be careful, folks.


I also tried to find some clients there when I started as a freelancer. As indicated by some other posts, when launched, there were immediately already many very promising looking clients/projects on there. Many speculated, that these were fake projects to lure in bubble developers… It’s probably better to search for other platforms out there instead. :slight_smile:

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I signed up for Rolade as well. The projects seemed very suspicious so I decided to cancel my account in trial mode.

The ‘manage billing’ button was not working, so I couldn’t cancel my account. So I tried contacting the livechat and sending different emails and I still don’t have an answer yet. In the meantime I got charged for a membership I was planning to cancel. So basically they take my credit card hostage.

They don’t reply, and they don’t let me cancel. I think this is even illegal to do.

Just a scam

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Can’t you just block that autopay from your card? :thinking:

Unfortunately not, because I pay for multiple services. But if they don’t reply in a week, I will open a dispute for sure.

You could contact Stripe directly possibly?

I will try that!