Round Robin 'Lead' Delivery?

I have a landing page with a web form. When someone fills out that form, I would like to deliver it equally based on the users who are added to the ‘Round Robin’ delivery list.

I envision having a multi-drop down to select or de-select the user(s) who should be added to the round robin delivery. I just don’t know how to distribute the ‘leads’ equally to the users who are currently in that list. I know there may be a way to do this using the :count function, but what happens if I add a new user to that list? Wouldn’t their count be far behind the others which could cause them to get all the leads until their count caught up?

In regards to the ‘Round Robin’ delivery list, would it be better to store that list in the ‘User’ database (i.e. assign the delivery list to the user), or create a separate database type for Round Robin and then assign the user(s) to that?

I would appreciate any guidance or suggestions before I attempt to build out that function. FYI, I have only been using Bubble on a part-time basis for a couple of months, so I am still learning new things everyday. If you have any suggestions, please know I am not an expert.

Thank you in advance.

There are a few ways you could make this work, but you’re likely looking at having a Group data type with a list of Users for round-robin assignment. It might help to keep an average of tickets assigned to all users, and create a new Group with a 0 average each time a new user is added to an existing Group.

Thank you for the reply Eve, I think I follow the logic. I will start working on this and will reply back if I run into a road block.