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Trying to recreate in the form of an app

Hello, I have created an excel sheet that keeps track of drivers and the deliveries they have completed. I was created to give responsibilities to the dispatchers, and for accountability that they are following the routes assigned to them. My company has been using it for close to two years now and it has been working fine, but using excel I am limited to the things I want to do, and I would like to recreate it into the form of an app so it is shared across multiple users in the company. We currently monitor the deliveries across 5 different states and would need the dispatchers to make changes and see other changes made by other dispatchers in real time I am new to Bubble and don’t know where to start or what I am doing. I have already created the login screen and database for the users. Any help would greatly be appreciated, I would just like to know in what direction I should head and what may work for me. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.

:wave: hey @stalinfrias! Welcome to the community.

Great question. This is definitely something you can build out with bubble. I would create at least 3 data types


  • customer
  • address
  • relevant route


  • name
  • list of stops/addresses (linked field)


  • name
  • other infos
  • route (linked field)
  • position (driver/manager/etc)


  • driver
  • route
  • address
  • approximated delivery time
  • delivery time

You could display results in a repeating group or chart and filter by date → driver → route → customer

You’d likely use a RG with all drivers as the data source

In that, a nested RG with that drivers list of stops

In that, a group whose data source is a search for deliveries constrained by date/driver/address:first item

In the group a text that is conditional based on wether or not that groups delivery date/time was after the expected date time

Looks like a fun project, you could replicate that in a day I’m sure.

Make your data types.

Users - Managers, dispatchers, drivers

Create a repeating group of routes with horizontal repeating group of stops.

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