Running two bubble apps in one account?

I am running a bubble app on a growth plan. I am a bubble beginner and the app was custom made by developers. Now - in an attempt to learn more about bubble as well as trying to make some changes to the app without having to go back to the developers for “the easy stuff” I now want to find a way to not risk the apps functionality but still giving me a way to play around.

I was hoping I could have two instances of the app in my account. One for development/testing purposes (changing code, adding plugins, deleting unused elements) - and one which is running securely as a live version.

how can I achieve this. Can I do it in my current one? or do I need to open (and pay for) another bubble account? if so - can I copy the changes from one install to the other in a comfortable way?

thankful for guidance.

Bonusquestion: Is there a way to “download” an app to my computer as a backup - that I could upload again if things break online?

This is always the case. All paid bubble plans come with a test version and a live version. You can make changes to the test version without affecting the live version, and then ‘deploy’ the changes to live only when you’re ready. This is quite a basic thing in programming. Making changes directly to live is quite unheard of.

If you make some major appbreaking change, you can reset your app to a point back in time and undo all the changes. You can also create manual backups and savepoints.

The Growth plan also offers Version Control, which gives you even more versions of your app. (Live + Main (Testing) + 10 more branches (testing)
Its a bit more complicated, but in your case it can come in handy because you can create an extra branch where you can work without touching the ‘Main’ directly.

You might want to read/watch some bubble tutorials, as this is quite basic stuff.

No Bubble doesnt allows this. But your app is not floating online. It’s stored on physical servers which are very safe so no need to worry about it.

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You can create a development version of your Bubble app within the same account by using the “Versions” feature. This allows you to make changes without affecting the live version.

Check this video out it will help

Thank you for the quick reply.

yes, I have used the deploy to live etc.
but what I am unsure about is things like bubble version as well as plugins.
If I add an extra plugin - will that be added to the dev site first - and then when I deploy it gets added to live?

also - I think the backup window is 14 days only? I wanted to have an opportunity to go back longer - in case I miss a bug that I created by updating and then find it 3 weeks later…

thank you for pointing out basic bubble tutorials and guidelines! :+1:

Yes you’re safe, the live version never changes unless you deploy.

Yes thats correct, your backup window is only 14 days. But on the growth plan you can get past that by using the version control branches i mentioned earlier. You can create a branch, and just keep it there as a savepoint. It will stay there indefinitely.

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