Same webapp for more clients


I am new in bubble and before starting to create a new application I would like to understand some things.

I need to create a web app for more client with different domains. So the web app will be the same but for each client will be some different properties like : endpoint backend rest api, logo, images.

Should I create for each client a new account bubble ?
Should I export the webapp and import for the new client ?

Thanks for reply.

What you’re describing is basically SaaS and yes, this can be built on a single Bubble account. You’ll obviously need to take in to account separation of data within your database and make sure your Privacy rules are in order. The Production version of Bubble even allows for sub apps if you have a bigger client that needs custom changes based on your original app.

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Hi flowtron,

I don’t know if you get my point, I try to do an example:

I have already a backend rest api implemented and deployed on another application server for each client:
the code is the same but deployed in 3 application server with 3 database for each server.

Now I want to use to build a webapp to integrate with these services: → integrate with API → integrate with API → integrate with API

I need to create the webapp and use the same webapp for the 3 clients with 3 differents domain and for each domain configure the endpoint rest api.

Is it possibile with one account ?
Can I with one account create 3 domains ?

Preety much possible with single app, @antschettino85

Just pass the dynamic domain name into your api to call the server.

Plus you can use the saas alias plugin to add multiple domain to single Bubble app.