Save different answers in a single row

Hello, I’m starting to use bubble and I don’t know how to solve the following:

I’m creating a “poll” but I want it to save fields based on progress, without the need for the person to click the “submit” button to save all responses.

For each response I want to capture I am using the “Create a new thing…” workflow option and it saves it to the database with no problem.

The problem is that for each answer it creates a new row in the database instead of grouping them all in a single row.

So, instead of having one row with the answers to the three questions, I have three rows with 1 answer in each.

What should I do so that instead of having three rows, I have all the answers in one?

Hi there, @nicolas14… if I understand you post correctly, the problem is right here.

You should only create a new thing when the first response is saved. After that, you would want to make changes to a thing (instead of creating a new thing), and thing to which you will make changes is the thing that was just created. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


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@mikeloc, you have been and continue to be such a key community member. Thanks for all you do!

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I greatly appreciate the kind words, @mac2… always happy to help.

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