Workflow & database help needed please

Hello all,

I’m trying to create a page which users can upload a file (demo music) then once it has been uploaded, that page then shows another group with the files name and an option to remove the file or add more files, before submitting for me to listen to. However, I can not get the file name from the uploader to show… I’ve tried many different database and workflow configurations but to no prevail.

Is there anybody that could help me with this at all please, it would be hugely appreciated.

Bit of a poor explanation I know, sorry for that, but I’ve never been good at explaining things :joy:.



Hi Mike!

If you send me the link to your editor in PM I will take a look :slight_smile:

That would be great if you could,

I had to remove it as it was on a live page, so my website users could access it and that didn’t look good. but i just pasted it and the workflow to a new project.

I forgot it would add the new submission page when I updated other things in a different page :man_facepalming:

Now is working, please check the workflow changes I made, basically I fixed the search filter, and add the file to the list of files of the current user, and display those in the repeating group. :slight_smile:

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I also fix the delete method, which was not deleting the file before.

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Great stuff!

I was on the right track with a workflow I had before, but then I went an charged it again and ultimately destroyed it all :joy:.

I can’t thank you enough for solving that for me, my music distributor was asking for a monthly fee just to have a demo submission page which I would had to have put in an I frame or linked away from my site to use it, even though they already get enough out of me :man_shrugging:t3:.

At least now I can finish making the transfer to a full bubble site :clap:t2:.

Many thanks,


Brilliant I’ve bookmarked your site for future reference, loving the UI’s you come up with for your products as well.

That’s my next part, getting my site visually appealing… my current one is not particularly enticing, but I feeling using bubble will improve that.

Also, do you know of a reason why some files make the name and x appear in my repeating group, but others don’t? The database still adds them, but sometimes it doesn’t show them or it just decides to show the x and not the name, like this…

Woud it be pointless to add another database field for the name and save that from the uploader separately, or would that just do that same thing and not show up?



The repeating group is displaying the “current user” list of files, since there is no user created yet, the files may or may not appear in the repeating group (depends if you refresh the page) because the app can consider a new user is using the app.

Oh right, well that makes perfect sense… but I don’t particularly want a user though, I would just like users of my site to be able to come and submit demos without accounts. If that is possible to do, I’m fairly sure it must be?..

Secondly, how comes when I add a second file from the uploaded files group it doesn’t appear in the list? I guess I’m missing another bit of workflow to make it happen or something.

Apologies for all the questions, I’m just so close to having a working form now :open_mouth:.

Anyway, it’s ealry hours so I think I should call it quits, grab some kip and carry on later today.

Massive thanks for your help so far,


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