Save selected items from multi dropdown


I have my data type facilities which include the option set shipping (Option A, Option B,…).

I have created a registration form where users can select all shipping options that apply. I used the multi dropdown. All options show up as expected.

But I don’t manage to store the selected options in the workflow. I don’t have the “add list” option, I can only set the first or last selected item.


I have seen in other discussions that I should select “add” but it doesn’t come up as an option when I select in the workflow “Create a new thing”.

Also, I don’t mind for now if the items are stored in the same field just separated by commas.

Hi there, @jenny_p… if you look at the issue checker, it is likely telling you that you have a type mismatch between the shipping field and your multi-dropdown. Your shipping field needs to be associated with your shipping option set, and the field needs to be a list (which is a checkbox you can check when you create a new field). If you delete your current shipping field and create a new one that is set up like I described, you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you so much, that solved it!

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