Why do i see Norem Ipsum in database instead of inputs text?

when I save input from multi select (plugin) into a database it shows Lorem Ipsum instead of text (name) of the selected input.

Multi select is showing database called products. And save button is supposed to save selection from multi select into another database called Multi select input.

This is form itself. In Multi select is chosen Frizzante. After clicking Save button I need to save this input by name.

This is how it looks saved… sad huh…

And this is database entry itself:

Thank you soooo much

Is there a workflow for when save is clicked? Show that. That’s probably the issue

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There’s either something wrong with your workflow at @jobs said or you’re missing a link in your “Parent’s Thing” data sources on the page.

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Oh sorry forgot to send it. Here it is. Just as @flowtron said about parent group I don’t have set that. Did not find it necessary to this case but a great thought. Thank you both @jobs @flowtron
Snímek obrazovky 2022-03-29 v 20.15.08

Did you get it working? :grinning:

Right now you have it set to the CURRENT PAGES PRODUCT . Change it to the multi-select selected’s PRODUCT

Absolutely not :smiley:

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The issue is in the workflow, have it changed to the multi select’s list of products names or something

Then i have to have something wrong in element data setting. Because i don’t have that option you wrote.

Snímek obrazovky 2022-03-29 v 20.35.36

Should I send you a link?

Whet i put a list it forces me to go step further to select and there I am completely lost. Did not used that part yet. And I thought that it won’t be needed since I managed to make that save with text. It changes after moving elements in group. So it should be parent thing then I guess.

Yeah you want that list, and combine them somehow, (I’m on mobile now so can’t look, but that’s your solution)

You mean ‘’ 's list of multi select inputs ‘’?

rohitandro2883 - this one is second

Alright. Over 50 saved inputs i set it. Thank you for an advice. But i have another issue :smiley:
If i make selection in multi select. In database its showing whole database (6 values in my case)
I see that i set it that way. And Bubble is not showing list of inputs option anymore.

Any idea where i made mistake now?

Database setting

Saved in database