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Saving Items into their appropriate list not showing correctly

I have create a page which allows users to create List #1, 2, 3, or so on…

Within each of those list users can create items that should ONLY be saved in one list. When I create an item it keeps displaying in all list.

Seems when I create the item it’s not saving in the database correctly to only display in their appropriate list.

Any help would be greatly appreciated:

Which specific workflows in your app are you having a problem with? I took a quick look but couldn’t immediately tell.

Hello - thanks for your reply.

Not sure exactly which flow but what I would like to happen is when you create a shopping item in any one Grocery List, that item is saved to that respective grocery list and only appears in that list.

Currently when I create a shopping item, it appears in all of the grocery list that is created.

Scenario example:

Grocery List #1:

  • Beer
  • Ice
  • Cheese

Grocery List #2:

  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Turkey

I assume this happens when the Add Item button is clicked. I can see that you are creating a shopping item and setting its list to the parent’ group’s shopping list. I see you are also adding the new shopping item to the items list on the parent group’s grocery list. This all looks fine to me.

It’s difficult to understand the exact flow, without knowing what your app is trying to do, but I did notice that you have two groups called “Group Grocery List” and only one of them has a data source specified. Try naming them differently to avoid confusion and also try setting the outer one of the two to also have a data source of parent group’s grocery list - unless you’re dynamically setting it in a workflow (I couldn’t tell if you’re doing so or not).

If this doesn’t work, then I think you would need to explain here the flow of your app. I see a lot of references to inviter and invitee and their grocery lists but it’s not clear to me how it all works. With a bit more of an explanation, I, or others may be able to assist further.

Let’s give this a shot…Here is the flow

1 - User registers/login:
2. - Creates a Grocery List
3. - starts adding items (with the purpose of saving those items to this list)
4 - user should always be able to come back to view the items in that particular list.

Adding another grocery list

  1. User login:
  2. Creates “another” grocery list
  3. starts adding shopping items (with the purpose of ONLY saving to this list NOT the previous list)
  4. User should now be able to go between both grocery list, managing a completely different set of shopping items.

Okay, seems straightforward enough. Like I stated, I see that at step 3, you are correctly assigning a grocery list to an item as you add it and vice versa. The grocery list you’re assigning in the ‘parent group’s grocery list’. In other words, the grocery list of Group Grocery List.

I think the issue might be that the group shown below (i.e. the outer ‘Group Grocery List’) does not have a data source set.

Try setting it to Parent group’s Grocery List like you’ve done for the inner group below:

Thanks for your help, that seems to no be working as well.

I don’t think the “shopping items” are saving to the database correctly. When I look at the data, there is a field for each created grocery list, and the data that I created is not currently saving there but it is at the User level (Inviter / Invitee)

I think I see another potential problem. Your ‘shape C’ is obstructing the text box (Text current cell’s Grocery List), so whilst the text box has a workflow step that sends data to the shopping items group, the step is never actually triggered. In other words I think your workflow for Shape C is getting in the way of your workflow for the text box. You need the latter to run in order to pass the current grocery list to the shopping items group.

To resolve this, either remove or send shape C to the back, or add a workflow step to its on_click event:

I hope this resolves the problem.