Sending data from a popup form

I’ve built an app that creates a to-do list. The user is supposed to click a button to add items to the list. Once the button is clicked a box pops up asking you to add items to the list.

  1. Right now the database is capturing only one item being added to the list. If I try to add another item the first item disappears. How do I correct this in the database?

  2. Though the list is being captured in the database it is not appearing on the to-do list page of the app.

I’m not sure if pictures or a video will help

What does your workflow for adding items to the list look like?

I you’re using the add operator it should work for adding single items to a list. if you’re using add list I think it will override the current set list.

I am not using the add operator. Do you have video or can you describe how to use this?

How are you adding it to the list if you’re not using the add operator?

Here is how the process goes:

  1. When you click the green button a popup appears asking you to add to the project

  1. The information entered into the popup box is saved to the project we are working on like this.


  1. The list items are sent to the repeating group

  1. Bubble informed me that I have to write a privacy setting to add to the list

  2. But after all of that the new list item is still not appearing when I add to the list

The list items are sent to the repeating group

What list items?

How are they being set to the RG?

Also your RG data source is invalid (hence it’s in red) - so it won’t display any data.

But after all of that the new list item is still not appearing when I add to the list

I still don’t know what you mean by ‘List Items’…

Where are your lists? what lists are you talking about? (you’re not setting any lists in any of your screenshots)…

Do you have a list field somewhere that you’re trying to add items to? If so where is that, and how are you adding items to that list?

  1. The pop up box is taking in data and adding it to a list of items

  2. I want the list to appear in the white space

  3. I am using this repeating group feature to pass the information to the whitespace

What is your RG data source?

@adamhholmes your questions helped me to keep looking at what I did wrong with the repeating group. Which is great cause I figured out how to pass data to the proper spot on the app. My new problem is all of the list items are appearing on one line instead of multiple lines. Do you know why this is?

for example practice should be on one line and sample should be on another line

I’ve no idea why, as I don’t what you’re currently doing…

But obviously your doing something wrongs somewhere, so feel free to share some more info if you want some specific help.

Probably bc you have that field as a List, and the List is what you’re displaying here. So, you could do a split by operator and that will help, I think. Or a nested repeating group with the List as the datasource.

LOL @adamhholmes @doug.burden thanks for your input. I know I kept jumping around since your comments kept triggering a new thought. but I appreciate it!

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