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Hey guys,

Wonder if you could help me. I’ve searched the forum and found some limited information on this.

I have setup sellers using the Stripe.js Plus plugin. No issues there.

Each user has their own balance, and every 14 days I want to pay the user this balance, and then ‘make changes to user’, ‘balance = 0’, so that their balance is reset.

I’m not sure how to schedule this payment every 14 days, does anyone have any experience? The payment should come directly from my existing Stripe account.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @plund,

There a few ways to approach this:

Recurring Events will enable you to build out the logic necessary to payout a Seller and execute the necessary platform-specific tasks, all within your application. You can build out a Recurring Event in your API Workflows page and schedule it to start running at the appropriate stage.

Payout Scheduling will pass the payout frequency and scheduling to Stripe. The Stripe.js plugin already supports setting a Seller’s payout schedule too. You can setup a webhook in your Bubble application to be hit by Stripe when a payout is completed and then run your platform-specific tasks.

If you need help setting up webhooks, check out the Mastering APIs course. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply - I think I may go with recurring events!

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