Search & Auto Correct plugin stop working

Do anyone have the same problem? This plugin stop working from this morning.

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Yes it’s not working for me. I found this issue just now.
@ZeroqodeSupport @emmanuel

Is the problem related to Bubble update or Plugin update? I thought that after install plugin, it work like a software, until we update new version it may affect the code? if not it should working normally.

I notice when I open my editor for the first time in the day, my app asks to refresh saying it was updated. Bubble probably make lots of changing regularly without asking permission to update to a newer version. I have read that other people have plugin issues today, it is probably related.

Apparently stopped to work for me too.

Do we have any Bubble support person here? It affect many apps.

Yep there is a major issue with the plugins submit a bug report.

I am sure they already know and Emmanuel has been on the forum in the last 20mins.
It is also 9pm in New York right now, outside of their office hours.
I hope things like this does not happen when I launch my product.

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I think this is urgent case, it affect all customer. Please help to check it ASAP. It stop working on both DEV & LIVE version.

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We have several apps running with this plugin, now all our app stop working. :expressionless:

You should tell your users that you are experiencing some problems and will let them know when things are operational again.

After this issue, I think Bubble should develop & maintain plugin instead of user. Because many thing may conflict with the code.


Resolved now

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