Element List Power Usage


I have two suggestions regarding the element tree:

1. Find and Replace
I find it difficult to mass-rename elements and nested elements. Example: I’m copying an existing form group with many nested elements, and I want this new form to be used for a different purpose (example from form “add stuff” to “edit stuff”).

Problem: I have to go in each and every element to rename them. It’s time consuming, and prone to errors (omitting one of many elements).

Possible solution: select one or several elements and do a “find and replace” which would replace one word with another, together with the option to apply the change to nested elements. I would replace the word “add” with “edit” and voilà. A 30 min activity transformed into a 3 second activity.

2. Error indicators

I have currently 71 errors that need attention on my app. These could be genuine errors that need my attention now or maybe errors from having copied a group with many nested elements, where the parent’s thing isn’t matching the type indicated anymore–and wouldn’t need my attention now.

Problem: The error indicator takes me to errors one by one and it’s difficult to see which element is concerned, so I lack context to understand what the problem is.

Possible Solution: Allow to toggle “show errors in element tree” which would show the red symbol in front or behind the element’s name. Hovering would show me the error message. I can then visually see where errors occur and which elements of my app are concerned.

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