Search results from multiple APIs in one Repeating Group

Hello everyone!

I have a few questions about APIs and Repeating Groups.

I have several image APIs that display search results in several repeating groups based on the search query.
Question 1:
What I’m trying to achieve is to have search results from multiple APIs show in one repeating group like on the screenshot example below. Is there a way to do that without having multiple repeating groups?

Question 2:
Is it possible to achieve a lazy pull effect that shows more image results as you scroll down? If not, what’s the best way to paginate the results to make sure that the next page shows new results from all connected APIs in the same repeating group again?

Thanks for everyone’s help in advance and Happy Holiday! :slight_smile:

Seems to me you should aggregate all the responses elsewhere by creating your own api. That one should stream all the images (from the same and unique data source) to your repeating group.

I wish I knew how to create my own api lol. So you’re saying Bibble cat support that flow?