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Search with apostrophes not working on phone


I’m very close to completing my first app but I’ve discovered a bug when I try running it on my phone.

In my database, I have a “PhraseList” field that contains a list of phrases (ie. hello, hi, what’s up, whats up, etc.), and I have a repeating group that displays results when “PhraseList contains input search2’s value”.
When I run the app in preview mode on my computer (with chrome browser), it works great! That is, “what’s up” and “whats up” both give results as expected.
When I run it on my iPhone (again with a chrome browser) only “whats up” works, without the apostrophe. Any phrase that I try to search for in my list that contains an apostrophe doesn’t work. Again, this is only true when I run the app on a phone (or ipad). I’ve tried both iPhone and Android – it doesn’t work on either one.

Does anyone know why this is? And better yet, how can I fix it? :slight_smile: