Searchbox erasing its value?

On the Searchbox element, what would cause it to clean itself after having a record selected?

tldr; I’m testing this for cities. Where in the first searchbox I try to find a city in our database matching the user input, and if that is empty, we hide the first searchbox and show a second searchbox for geographic places from Google, based on the first searchbox’s typed text.

For some reason, the first searchbox is erasing its value when that happens, even with the “Allow entries not in list when typing” option checked.

I’m doing this in an attempt to reduce Google API’s costs.

It might be based on the fact it got hidden and Bubble might not be exposing the value while it is hidden…but it could be that you have an action somewhere resetting the value when it is hidden

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Really appreciate your time, mate.
Unfortunately, I did test this showing both of them and a text grabbing the searchbox values and still happened. They are both new elements on this page, just for tests :frowning:
Again, thank you for your attention \o

Do you have a sneaky/forgotten conditional workflow that clears the search box?