Searching for multiple keywords in a field


Having one input field and button to trigger the search…

We search for one field in the “Concept data type”. How to include 2nd, 3rd or even 4th word in the same field into the search, as of now it searches only for the 1st word in the Name field?


It seems that now it should search for all words in input

Do you want it to search for records containting ALL words or records containing ANY words

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Thanks for the response here!

In the best case if the input value contains the “name” field in the data type.

If not, then one word in the input to be containing in the name filed of the data type.

Becase some of the titles have important keywords as the second or third keyword in the title, but through the search can’t be found. Same as in this thread title, there is keywords in the later stages of the title, rather being a first word only to be searched for. What do you think here?

That seems unforgiving to me.

The easiest way to start is find all records containing each word in search using separate RGs and then intersect them. If no matches, tell the user to change their criteria.

I don’t think that a record that doesnt contain one of the search words needs to be in results as why would user enter a word they didn’t want in title. of course you can have OR filters but aside from that.

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So what do you suggest here, could you share a screenshot or steps to assable the Search condition? Thanks!

I believed I mapped out the direction you have to take. Unfort I can create the steps and screenshots for you. If you wa’t someone to do that I’d suggest posting s/t in the freelance category.

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No offense, but I haven’t understood your solution, if you could elaborate or paraphrase? Thanks! No need for the screenshots i guess.


When user clicks search / filter → split the input by space (to find distinct words) → display results in RG that contains each word:

constraint 1 = concept_name contains word #1:lowercase:capitalized;
constraint 2 = concept_name contains word #2:lowercase:capitalized; etc.

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Oh, okay, this is outside of the box thinking here as well! This make sense and it seems to work!

There is additional solution for bubblers out there, to use “contains keyword(s)” instead of “contains” in the search condition.

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