plugin not tracking non-logged in users

I am using Bubble’s Segment plugin to track user events. In the “Page Loaded” workflow I’ve added “identify user” and a “track page” action, and then after a “redirect if not logged in”. The events trigger correctly when the user is logged in, but do not fire for non-logged-in users.

I also tried firing events on the Login page, but they also don’t fire. I have examined the network requests, and for non-logged-in users there are no pings to segment’s APIs.

Is there some other setting that I have missed (perhaps related to user privacy?) that might prevent these calls? I see the “Do not set cookies on new visitors by default” setting, but it is unchecked.


I don’t know what you’re running into, but if you look at the actions that run (and the values it shows) with debug mode on (i.e., debug_mode=true) that may help you figure it out.

Thanks for the tip! It was running the actions, but not firing the network request.

After further examination it turns out that it only happens in Firefox, in “incognito mode”. In this case when the user isn’t logged in, no requests are fired. If you ARE logged in (even in incognito mode) then it does fire the events.

Very strange, but I don’t think many of our un-authenticated users will be browsing with Firefox in incognito mode, so… I’ll let this one go :wink:

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