Trouble using Segment Plugin (Read Key?)

Hi there,

I can’t find what the Segment’s Read Key is, could someone explain it to me please?


I have got another question regarding Segment.

It seems that page tracking is implemented by default when we use this plugin, so my question is: is it useful to add the action “send page view to segment” in WF?

Thanks a lot.

They might have removed the read key, don’t see it anymore (and our code doesn’t use it anyway), so you should be good. Does it work?

I’m actually not sure what they do on page load (they did a few changes recently), but back then, it was necessary to put it in a WF to have a page view. But the best here is to try :slight_smile:

Thanks, I tried indeed! I put the write key in the read key section so that Bubble doesn’t tell me to enter API key. It works even if I do not put it in a WF but I just wanted confirmation that it could be done without using WF action.

Besides I’d like to send more information when I identify a user with Segment. I don’t know if there’s a bug or not but I can’t do anything on this action. Is it normal ?


Can you share an editor link?

I tried with the forum app and with random API keys and I’ve got the same issue when I try to edit user data I want to send to segment.

Right, we didn’t enable this as Segment is quite strict about what you can send. if that’s an issue let us know.

Thank you @emmanuel, it somehow is because as soon as you have different type of users it seems complicated to sort them later. But maybe I am not seeing the alternative?

Let’s say you want to send your app data to… through Segment how would you send behavioral or event-based emails if you couldn’t sort user type or even add a little bit of customization? I thought about doing something like adding a condition based on each user’s history but it is not very reliable.

Again, that is limiting not being able to send more info about users such as First Name, Last Name… Especially as Segment seems to be a very good platform for Bubble’s users to develop their apps (I am thinking here about all that could be done in terms of user acquisition, activation, retention…).

Thank you very much!

I don’t know if I really understand what it means that Segment is “strict” and I don’t see the technical implications on your side but from what I understand (of the documentation and the concept of “traits”) Segment allows to customize what define a user thanks to pre-formatted fields that have particular types. So being able to set custom fields seems pretty complicated.

But it would be very nice to have some of their “standardized reserved traits” in a dropdown (in the action’s WF) to identify/update a user without having the possibility to add a custom field :slightly_smiling:

Did you look at the link? These are the fields you can use, it’s not open.

Yes of course, that’s what I said. But my guess was that you could make the standardized traits available in the action section in a sort of dropdown so that Bubble’s users could only add user info that are standardized (with a condition that basically says age => number ; birthdate => date …). But once again, I don’t know what amount of work it represents on your end.

Hi @emmanuel, what do you think about my previous message?


We could add this (but might be a sponsored feature as people haven’t asked for this yet). Mixpanel isn’t an option?

Ok! I think what is really great with Segment is that it centralized all your users’ data so that you can then send them to Mixpanel or other analytics tools. But not only. You can also send them to marketing automation softwares (, Vero…) so that you can send behavioral, event-based,… emails to really customize your customer’s journey. You can also send these data to a CRM in order to adapt your sales pitch given actions/pages viewed/… taken by your prospect on your app.

So I think it can be quite powerful in the near future because this marketing dimension will be an important step for every Bubble user. Indeed building an app is “just” one step and developing the marketing dimension of it is paramount to make it successful. So even for you guys, making your users aware about this dimension might be great because somehow Bubble’s success depends on the success of its users’ apps I guess.

Saying all that I am not totally against sponsoring this feature but I thought I should make my case :slight_smile:

@emmanuel does it make sense to you?

It does, given the backlog of stuff we need to add these days, not sure when we can add this, but it’s on our list.

Ok understood, thank you @emmanuel!

@emmanuel Hi! Do you have any news on when this will be implemented?

Thanks a lot!

No not yet (our list is quite full right now :stuck_out_tongue: responsive, API connector, etc.)

Ok I understand! Will it be more like one month or one quarter? :slight_smile: