Send 2500 personalised emails at once


I have an app which needs to send 2500 emails at once. Each email gets a different URL in its body so the user had a personalised page when they click on it. I tried to set up a Sendgrid account, but they didn’t give me an account, I don’t know why.

I heard that running 2500 API Workflows can cause trouble. Has someone experience with this?



Hi @klaas .vanhoeck1

There is no problem running a loop in Bubble with 2500 emails with different URL. Make sure that these emails are not received as spam, but are legitimate. Sendgrid offers 100 emails per day (free plan) or $10 for 10k emails per month.

Thank you! The problem is I can’t get an account for sendgrid because they refuse me… But will try it with API Workflows. Thanks!

When you said ‘refuse me’ , it is a legal problem or payment problem? Yes using Bubble email can work, but there’s a Bubble limit too and I don’t have the number. Also, Bubble email for many providers are considering now as spam. Make you own research.

I got an email where they said I wasn’t a fit for their platform and they didn’t activate my account…


Thanks for reaching out. Twilio SendGrid leverages many different vetting techniques and as such we’ve determined that you’re not a good fit for our platform. Because of this, we will not be able to activate your account. Our system does not provide myself or other members of Support with details regarding decisions made in the sign-up process. As such we are not able to provide any more information to you.

I apologize for this inconvenience.

Interesting email. It is the contain of your email. Like Google and others, security is priority so nobody knock knock on their door. It can be also your country been banned. A lot of possibility.

Their emails tend to go in the junk folder for European customers and thus causes many complaints. Easy way out is to reject Klaas.

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