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I need a repeating group that contains a group with practices assigned to a customer and then a page that summarizes the contents of the practice, I don’t know how to send the data from the repeating group cell to the summary page and make sure that the text fields contain the information about that practice
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so you have your 2 pages. I use a page with a list of all restaurants and then a page with info just on restaurant in the example below. (It works the same with “practices”)

The info on restaurant page (called restauranttest below) has content type restaurant so it expects a thing of type restaurant to be sent to it
When you click the text of the practice

you add a workflow go to page testrestaurant and send the restaurant you click with it.


Then on the page restauranttest, with individual data,
open a group
set it to type restaurant with current page restaurant.

now it takes the restaurant sent over to it from the URL and can show its text or address or any info linked to it.

hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks, But I didn’t understand what commands to insert to make the type fields appear in the summary page

Hi, could you try to rephrase your question please? I am not sure I understand what you want to do and what is working and what is not working.

Sorry, I was not clear, I meant: in the text on the landing page what should I enter to make the practice data appear?

Hi, you mean to fill the database so when you load your page it is not empty?

You need to go to the editor and create an input and then a button to create these practicas.

It may help you to look at part 2 and 4 of the playlist 2.

The practice has already been created, the user does not need to fill the input, I need the text fields to show some fields of the type in a landing page with the data of the type that the user has selected in the repeating group

I am still guessing what you mean…
is “type” a field that is text or a new datatype? that you want to link to practices?

example with restaurants below
Here some options if 1st one

if 2nd one

I try to explain: I would like the landing page to have dynamic text fields that show information on the specific record contained in the repeating group cell on the source page