Send emails on behalf of users Outlook


I want to give the possibility to my users to send messages from their accounts directly from my app.

Here are the calls

When setting up the call, I get the following error.

Can someoe´ne help me and tell me what is wrong ?

That usually just means that the API call doesn’t return any JSON body, but it was expecting one because you’ve selected Data Type ‘JSON’ (in the top right corner).

If you select ‘empty’ instead then it should work.

Unless, that is, you were expecting a JSON body return but aren’t getting one, in which case there must be some other issue with the set up of the call.

You don’t need ‘add offline_type=offline’ checked, that’s for google api’s.

Your ‘user email key path’ should be email

Your Send Email call should look similar to this:

Don’t forget, you need to run this in debug_mode and initialize first before this will work. Aka, you’ll need to hit preview in the top right, have a button that uses the ‘sign in using social network’. If successful, an alert will let you know you initialized it properly.

Hello @lantzgould Lantzgould,
I actually run in debog mode = true and got the successful message.

Now, this is my new setup. Despite this, I still have the same error message.

Any idea ?


Setup looks ok to me. Have you tried deleting the Send Mail call and adding it again? This is working on my end. Also, not sure if it matters, but it looks like you have an extra space after ‘offline_access email’.

What did you put in the field scope ?

Are you using an emai like like [email protected]?

WOuld yoou mind sharing your app editor with me so I can see how you set it up ?

Here’s the scope we use:

offline_access Mail.ReadWrite.Shared Calendars.ReadWrite.Shared User.ReadBasic.All Contacts.ReadWrite Mail.Send

We use corporate emails, e.g. [email protected]

Unfortunately I can’t share my editor as it has sensitive info.


Hi Jicy, I also have a problem with this API. As it seems that you have knowledge in the field, I ping you in this conversation. Maybe you will have the solution :slight_smile:

You seem to be able to do the oAuth2 part because it say it was completed.
And like @adamhholmes say, you need to set the Data type to “Empty” and not to JSON (top right of the API Call).
The doc say that API will return a 202 accepted answer but no body.

Hello @Jici

I am running into an issue with the Gmail Send API endpoint. See the 2 screenshots below.

I have 2 fields (1 input for the subject and 1 text editor for the HTML body of the email). When sending an email via the GMAIL Send API, the accents and numbers are replaced by weirds characters in my contact inbox.

DO you know how to fix this ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think issue is related to your wrong json body encoded. you need to follow guideline from API Doc

Thanks, I went through these docs but still do not understand what is missing :confused:

I tried to add encoding=B in the Content-Type but it is not working