Sending Emails via back end API is not working

Hi, I am runing a backend API to send a list of emails. Looks like everything is running okay but just not getting the emails to the inbox.

Please check all the items in the advance in the server logs so you can see the reply is the backend workflow is success or not

Hi, thanks for the reply. As you can see I have attached the server logs. And looks like everything was ok.


Hi @kalumt2020,

What your screenshot shows is just what the backend API executed, it doesn’t actually show what the error might be with the WF, can you screenshot the actual WF?

is this the default bubble email feature?

It’s an API call to SendGrid, which is known to be unreliable sometimes.

You can solve this by integrating with Postmark, which has never failed to deliver an email in all of my apps. You’ll have to pay $10-20/month though.

Hi Johnny, thanks for the help. Please find attached screen shots.

Hi @kalumt2020,

I was actually referring to the logs of the send email action

Logs are the first one I attached. There is no other logs. Am I missing something?

Honestly, I don’t need to go deeper into the logs, but just from seeing that you’re using the default send email method it looks like its probably a deliverability issue with Sendgrid as @dannyliu said. The recommendation that I give and that other Bubblers give is utilizing Postmark or another email API provider because Sendgrid has poor deliverability and their IPs are bad so ISPs block emails that come from them

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Got it, thanks for the help.

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