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Having here link element, and would like to link user (new tab) to another page, landing page that also serves as a profile, which then has the Data type (required Data source).

Is there a way, except javascript for example, as to save this link element for the SEO.

(Link elements are good for Google crawlers)


What do you mean by that?

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Run Javascript to open in a new tab:“Colleagueship at Conesult”, ‘_blank’);

And have read how link elements on the page, are good to have for the SEO, as crawler can refer through.

Need to send user to another page, and link element requires data source for this page where user is going to be sent to.

I’m not entirely sure I know what asking? (assuming you’re actually asking a question here?)…

Are you asking if there’s a way to use a link to send a User to a page which which has a defined content type, without defining the content to send?..

If you have set up a page with a content type, then you must ‘send’ data to that page…

If you don’t need the page to have a defined content type then don’t set one.

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Do you want to click a button and open a page (of your app) in a different tab. That’s it?

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@adamhholmes and @rpetribu

Yes, all of us here some time on the Bubble, I know we need to send data if page has a data type, trying to find a way around, and one example is the javascript that one can use, but would like to keep the link element due the crawler…

If your page NEEDS a data source (because you set it up that way) then surely your NEED to send a data source?

If there is no need for a data source, then don’t set it up like that. You can send data in different ways.

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Thanks @NigelG!

Exactly! I was thinking the same, once I came across the javascript snippet, shared bit above, now trying to find out yet another way :slight_smile:

Best, Toni

You can just use ‘External URL’ in the link for this…

But what’s the point?.. (why not just remove the Content Type from the page… you obviously don’t need it)

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Oh, that might be a great option here! External url. Does this work for crawler as well?

There is need for the content type, as the same page is used to be a landing page.

Yeah (it’s just a link…)

There is need for the content type, as the same page is used to be a landing page:

There’s never a need to use a content type on a page, it just makes things easier in some situations. In this situation, not so much (as you’ve already encountered). Personally I’d ditch the content type and just use Get Data from URL - unless SEO is important, in which case the auto-generated dynamic sitemaps that come from having a page content-type can be very useful, in which case keep the content-type, and use external URL in the link (or just ‘send’ some empty data)…

There are always multiple ways to achieve the same thing in Bubble… so do whatever works for you.

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@another @adamhholmes

I’ve recently begun doing some things to allow for a better URL for multi language app.

In my attempts I needed to have a page content type, but at times with no data to send to the page, because not just doing multi language app but also a SinglePageApp of sorts.

What I do to allow for the type of content to be set on the page, but at times when I want the URL to not have the type of content in the path, and subsequently not have the page type of data, I create on the User Data Type a data field that is of the type that the page would be (ex: page type is ‘Product’), on the User Data Type I have a data field that I call ‘empty-product’, which will always be empty…so when the user is navigated to the page and I want to not send data, I simply send the current users empty-product…so the content type is empty, and therefore the URL path has no slug.

Another option is to send text value, but I think that requires the page type to not be set, so if you want to use the URL path instead of parameters can send through as text.

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Just to add another option: you can set the data to send to a search for data item# -1. The error checker is happy and you are not sending any data. It adds another search, while the external url method doesn’t, but it will change automatically if you rename the page. If you have another search of the same type in the page you can always reuse that exact same search to avoid extra queries to the database.


@NigelG @adamhholmes @rpetribu @boston85719

Thank you all! Great solving here! We have now many option, and I am happy @dorilama shared a rare value here!


This seems to be a good option for the crawler as well, although many things about the SEO are unknown :slight_smile:

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