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Send Newsletter/Bulletin with Sendgrid and Zapier

I have a niche classifieds site that I’m putting together, and I’m not sure of the best practice to solve this problem. I need to send out a daily newsletter with a varying number of entries consisting of one row and three columns. I want to use Zapier as a scheduler to trigger an API workflow that runs a backend search on my Bubble database, pulls the relevant data, and embeds it into a Sendgrid template for delivery to my subscribers.

Does anyone have experience doing something similar? Would I find a service like Mailchimp to be more streamlined? Thanks in advance for any assistance!

I’ve worked with Sendgrid before and I think there might even be a way to implement scheduled emails without having to use Zapier.
Are you using Sendgrid Templates?

Integrate with Sendgrid or some other Email Service using the API Connector plugin (or a default plugin if available)

Next, enable Backend workflows (make sure you are on a paid plan to use the scheduler)

Create a back-end workflow that sends your email and in the next action schedule the same workflow for the next day:

Thank you. But to clarify, it’s not the scheduling that has me stumped. It’s running the backend search and pushing that data to a Sendgrid template of some sort. It needs to be formatted as a list with links that point to specific pages in my site.

@callidusxi Could you maybe show what exactly you want to send to the list of users? And what kind of user list you expect?

Here is a quick example I threw together of how I want it formatted. I know how to make templates in Sendgrid. The static elements aren’t the issue. The issue is populating that template with the specific data. And one of the hurdles is automating the database search to compile to necessary data to insert into the email template. I’d also like to have a prettified URL that leads directly to the post when clicked.