Send to print selected element

is there any free app where i can print a selected element on my page?

Much thanks :blush:

There’s a couple of free plugins that enables you to print specific elements / groups in your page or the page entirely. You just need to assign an ID to the element.

Search for “print” in the plugin marketplace and try out plugins to see which works best for your use case.

I have tried some of the top ones that came up but they dont seem to work.

Have you enabled the expose ID attribute in the settings?


still doesnt work :sob: is there a step by step guide i could follow somewhere?

What plugin are you using?

print html

what i was suppose to print.

what shows.

assign id to the selected element

print button

what element are you trying to print?

Make sure you added an element ID to the element and when you trigger the print workflow, make sure you added the element ID of the element in the plugin action’s field

i just added another two photos in the previous reply.

is there any recommendation for which plugins to use?

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