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Sendgrid don't want to activate my account! How can I do to set up my email?

I’m a french new member on bubble, I tried to create an account on sendgrid for my email contact on the settings and it doesn’t work…

I contact them and they answers this :

Thanks for reaching out. SendGrid leverages many different vetting techniques and as such we’ve determined that you’re not a good fit for our platform. Because of this, we will not be able to activate your account. Our system does not provide myself or other members of Support with details regarding decisions made in the sign-up process. As such we are not able to provide any more information to you. I apologize for this inconvenience.determined that you’re not a good fit for our platform. Because of this, we will not be able to activate your account. "

So I’m totally confused because it don’t seems to be another solution on bubble and I have to change my email address …
If you have any idea of the reason or a solution please help me :blush:

Sorry for my bad english :confused:

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I used email addresses tied to domains I own. That’s probably what they are looking for.

Just a guess but its possible that your email address came up on some kind of spam blacklist? Try with a different email?

I did it, it’s the email of my domain and a new one so it can be some kind of spam…
I will try with a new one …

Sounds like another good reason to provide user accessible smtp settings in their app development as an alternate to SendGrid.

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I tried with another address, same issue… I don’t know what to do…

I have never applied yet for SendGrid, so don’t know what there procedure is. Maybe you need to change the wording of your application or the categories you picked etc. etc.

They maybe thing you are going to use their services for Spamming and hence blocking the application.

Apparently they block by country, IP, etc… so it might be the country you are located in - France? That’s entirely blocked. If so I’d say you’re out of luck with sendgrid.

You can create your own API plugin for any email sender. Check out Sendgrid API - section & substitution tags for transactional emails and just replicate it for whichever provider. It’s easier than it looks.

I recommend using to test out the API before implementing it in bubble.

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