SendGrid won't allow me to create an account


I want to try out the Sendgrid API so I can send confirmations but it seems Sendgrid does not allow new users. How to solve this?

Can I change to a different mail API?


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What do you mean SengGrid won’t allow you to create an account? What error code / notification are you getting?

You can use a different email service. There are plugins for most of them but if you want to make your own, you can easily use the API connector.

It literally tells me the account was closed right after I try to register

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This has been the case for many people trying to sign up to Sendgrid for a while.

Just nothing you can do and not worth your time following up.

Postmark is the way to go.

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Same for me, and they won’t tell me why - I was actually going to pay them but forget that.

Use Postmark :wink:

We’re all getting emails like this below - looks like they’re not taking new signups.

Makes sense since Sendgrid is known for getting your emails sent to spam. You get pooled with other users under the same IP so if someone sends spammy emails, you get flagged as well :face_with_spiral_eyes:

With the acquisition, they’re probably restructuring how they approve users. Adding all sorts of verification and whatnot to improve the quality of their IPs.


I’ve actually managed to get a response from sales at Twillio in the UK and they said they are working to streamline this signup process. I initially got locked out by Cloudflare so they definitely don’t like my IP address :laughing:

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