Twillo/SendGrid Denying Me An Account

Has anyone ever had an issue setting up a Twillo/SendGrid Account. I went through the process and got this email from them:


We appreciate your interest in Twilio SendGrid and your efforts in completing our account creation process. After a thorough review, we regret to inform you that we are unable to proceed with activating your account at this time.

Ensuring the security and integrity of our platform is our top priority, and our vetting process is designed to detect potential risks. While we understand the importance of transparency, we are not able to provide the specifics of our vetting process.

We want to emphasize that our decision is based on stringent security measures and our commitment to the safety of all our users.

Thank you for considering Twilio SendGrid.

Consumer Trust Support

Twilio SendGrid

I provided the normal email I use and my US cell phone number.

Did you perhaps signup while connected to a VPN or public network or something? That could be one factor that detects abuse. Pain in the ass though, hope you can get it resolved. Or maybe they’re doing you a favour, not having to use Sendgrid.

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I went through the application process without the VPN on. I have Starlink, I don’t know if that would affect it. I have heard about Twillo on some of the tech podcasts that I listen to, and never have I heard anything positive said about the company! haha

Email marketing is a domain for Marketing companies, not for Spammers. And I’m not saying you are one.

For those companies a single email even a domain based one is not enough. If you wish to do email marketing you can form a LTD.

I’m not doing any email marketing or spamming. I’m just trying to give my app the ability to send emails to its users.

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@RobertBerger i would give mailersend a try and see if you have a better experience with them.

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Thanks… I’ll look into them. Been looking into Postmark, Mailazy and some others now that I realize we are not stuck with sendgrid!

@RobertBerger i wish you the best of luck!

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@yousif Thank You, You Too!!

I was denied almost immediately for no given reason

Same her, and a buddy of mine.

I don’t even bother with them anymore.

For transactional emails I just use sendgrid

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Postmark works best for me.

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Same, they never activated my account and said I wasn’t fit for their service (???) Just use Postmark instead


same here. I ended using clicksend instead. Much better customer service too. Give them a go if you’d like!

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Well that happened, which country from?


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@jacob2 yeah, very odd. What did you end up using for email instead?

@chad how were you able to use sendgrid without a twilio account? I was under the impression that the only way to work with them was to go through twilio.

@ihsanzainal84 and @tylerboodman I see the plugin for Postmark, if I set that up does it work just like sendgrid as far as setting up workflows directly in the editor, or will I need to setup custom workarounds?

I don’t use sendgrid or twilio… I try direct everything through oneSignal

(posting from work account)

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