Sendgrid malfunctioning.!

Hi ! I was using Sendgrid to send email notifications in my app, and suddenly emails are not being delivered. They are sent properly in the Workflow (checked the server logs and they action taks place normally), but they are not delivered, and there are no sign of them in Sendgrid stats, they seem to be “lost in a limbo”

Has anybody gone through the same trouble ? Any idea or suggestion on how to fix this ?


Hi @arielcimax ,
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There will be lot of common causes,
Refer below link,

The main ones are

  1. May be your recipient email address was marked as block / bounce by stripe.
  2. May be api has restricted permission to send emails.
  3. Recipient email inbox is full / exceed quota. etc…

Dear @mani2726 , thanks very much for your reply.
I’ll check the link you shared, but regarding the main reasons, at least the 1 and 3 are not my case. Just the nr 2 could make some sense, but I assume I will be noticed if suddenly the api restricts the permission.
I’m thinking seriously to switch to Postmark.

Thanks again 1

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Hi everybody, the problem was a privacy rule that wasn’t allowing to share an email address. IT took me quite long to find out what the problem was, so I share here the solution in case you someone is facing a similar trouble.
Check the privacy rules, and/or check the “Ignore privacy rules” checkbox in the workflow settings.