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Sendgrid plugin specify from 'name' and reply-to email

When using the sendgrid plugin, is there a way to specify reply-to address like you can when using the default bubble send email workflow?

Can you not just change the “from” address?

It works but you increase the chances it being flagged as spam.

More on

@iamsalar - can you help? I belive CoBubble created this plugin.

Additionally I can’t seem to be able to specify the “from name”. I.e. if I send an email from [email protected], the ‘from name’ shows up as ‘help’. Doesn’t look nice.

Anyone know if its possible to specify this?

@iamsalar - if you can add “from name”, and “reply-to” fields on your sendgrid plugin, that would be so awesome =)

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I would love that too! :wink: