Sendgrid send from user's email address

Hi there,

Is it possible to send emails from the user’s email address, instead of specifying a reply-to email address?

I’m trying to do it with the CoPilot SendGrid plugin, but the email isn’t sending and Bubble’s native integration seems to only allow for a reply-to address to be specified.

The use case:
A user is sending an email pitch (like a CRM) to someone listed in their contacts list. It shouldn’t be our domain that the emails come from.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Any solution/workaround for this will be of great help. I am using the Sendgrid API for my emails

I haven’t used Sendgrid for a while, but I believe you can create a Sender Identity under that email. Don’t believe Bubble supports this natively, so maybe check out CoPilot’s plugin and then put it under the “From” field?

@johnny Yes. Copilot’s plugin seems to have solved this. But I am unable to get around the workflow error. And I am not using it on any user tables.

“Workflow error - Plugin action SendGrid - Send email (custom) error: SyntaxError: Unexpected string in JSON at position 26 at JSON.parse () at eval (eval at build_function (/var/task/index.js:86:21), :3:214) at Array.forEach () at eval (eval at build_function (/var/task/index.js:86:21), :3:147) at /var/task/index.js:349:23 at run_fn (/var/task/u.js:594:18)”

I’ve moved to using Postmark, incredibly easy UI and completely customisable.

This video worked a treat:

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